Education & Training

Education and outreach are an important part of my career. I enjoy speaking to diverse audiences including health care professionals, patient support and advocacy groups, and the general public. Examples of recent presentations include:

Presentations to health care and scientific professionals:

  • Gut feelings: Psychological Interventions for Functional GI Disorders
    17th Annual GI and Liver Course, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
  • Ethical Practice for Psychologists in Integrated Healthcare Settings
    American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Denver, CO
  • Sex in the office: Working with Clients with Sexual Dysfunction
    Houston Psychological Association, Houston, TX

Presentations to patient groups:

  • Guest speaker, Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE)
  • Guest speaker, Breast Friends – The Woodlands
  • Psychosocial and Sexual Health: Balancing Acceptance and Change
    National Ovarian Cancer Coalition National Conference

Presentations to general audiences:

  • Cancer Prevention: How Parents Can Affect the Lifestyles of Their Children
    KPMG – Houston