Writing and Editing Services

Scientific writing and editing is more than a means to an end. For me, it’s a passion. In addition to publishing my own work, I have been a freelance scientific writer and editor for over 10 years. My past clients include professionals affiliated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Baylor College of Medicine, and the University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston.

I specialize in substantive and developmental editing, meaning that I am concerned not only with the mechanics of writing but also the clarity and flow of ideas. I welcome the opportunity to work with authors whose primary language is other than English.

Research Consultation

I collaborate with other medical and scientific professionals to design, execute, and publish research. Examples include:

  • Developing a research idea into a concrete plan of action
  • Choosing reliable and valid outcome measures for observational studies and clinical trials
  • Reviewing manuscripts and grant proposals for scientific merit (“mock peer review”)

For more information or to request a quote, please contact me.